We strive for the best with our work, inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who said: "Perfection does not come when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Our special capability lies in making the customer's complex tasks our own and solving them intelligently. With creativity, passion and perseverance, we work resolutely from the initial idea to the successful introduction of the solution at the customer. Even when we face seemingly insurmountable hurdles along the way.


Our competence

Every idea begins on a blank sheet of paper. We immerse ourselves in the world of our customers and internalise their work processes. When developing our system solution, we take into account all available process, workpiece and installation space data as well as the experience gained from reference projects with similar tasks.

We always develop an individual solution optimized for the application of our customers. Although our machines are partly based on an intelligent modular system, a tailor-made design is made for each order. In the detailing stage, the designed solution is brought to maturity, the developed design is critically examined again and optimized in terms of production technology.

With the help of powerful, easy-to-use software tools for designing and detailing mechanics and controls, we minimize design time. Developments of individual solution concepts are also carried out in a modular structure. With this methodology, system assemblies are created from order-related designs, which means that our range of smart, cost-effective complete solutions is constantly growing. As an engineering office for mechatronics, we stand for:

  • Smart development
  • Competent construction
  • Committed realization


Our smart products

The design developed by the engineering team is critically reviewed again together with the production department and finally brought to maturity. We are guided by the principle of the French aviation pioneer Luis Bleriot:

"A design is not good until it has been reduced to the components necessary for clear function."

Traditionally, special machines are characterized by heavy and robust design. Usually developed only for a specific application, the designer "plays it safe" in the design. The result is often monstrous machines weighing tons for moving components or tools with low weight.

Here we have been treading a completely contrary path for years. As light and as compact as possible - that is the credo in the design of our mechanical constructions. We consistently use high-quality lightweight materials, especially aluminium, but also plastic and carbon.

In order for our machines to support people and make their work easier, they need intelligence - a PLC. We install this "brain of the system" in a compact design directly on the machine (on-board). Monitoring by smart sensors and programmed logic sequences ensure safe and reliable functionality. Our products are characterized by:

  • Mechanical modular system for cost-effective and rapid implementation of the basic architecture of a machine
  • Individual solutions as functional frontend of each application
  • Energy-efficient drive technology pneumatic and/or electric
  • Modern compact controls with powerful sensor technology and ergonomic operation

Machines from ROXA are always people-friendly, easy to maintain and visually very appealing. A French partner commented as follows:

"It's a piece of art"


Our strong partner

With the vision "Machines for world market leaders" Kostwein Maschinenbau GmbH has established itself for several decades as a strategic and long-term partner for outsourcing in key industries of mechanical engineering.

Kostwein relies on this business model and uses excellent know-how, sufficient capacity with more than 250 CNC machines for the production of parts, sophisticated logistics as well as several locations for the assembly of machines.

The services are not limited to the production and delivery of technical products. The continuous improvement process and the ongoing optimization of value creation are the driving forces in the uncompromising pursuit of excellence. The motto here is:

As a Carinthian family business, Kostwein has now existed for 100 years and is managed by the third generation of the family itself. With 1150 employees, 80 of whom are apprentices, this philosophy is lived out at 8 production sites in Austria, Croatia and also in India. A long list of numerous awards is an impressive testimony to this.